Ilisha AKA Lenna of LoonWatch, I Can Haz Khilafah and World Community

Let’s talk about “Ilisha” AKA “Lenna”

Self-hating American woman are the perfect example sexually frustrated lonely desperate spinsters who are so relieved that some exotic foreign man saw fit to bang them, that they immediately develop a saviour complex.

This is an apt description of “Ilisha”, aged in her late fifties, who was born into a Christian family of Scots-Irish descent in the USA. “Ilisha” is a red-haired woman with freckles and blue eyes.

Ilisha before converting to Islam

Ilisha before converting to Islam

Ilisha after converting to Islam

Ilisha after converting to Islam in 2005








In 2005 she converted to Islam  and claims that prior to her conversion she had the same low opinion of Islam as most of her peer group, she claims to come from a family of educators although she comes across as a hilly billy country bumpkin. Her father appears to have been a racist she claimed.

lenna converted islam 2006 ilishaIlisha has been married at least three times, including to a Jordanian with whom she had a son in 2007.  She claims that she finds Pakistani men sexually attractive. She also went to Turkey on ostensibly for business but she was on the prowl at the same time. “Ilisha” said that she is up for a romance now that she is single. One of the bloggers tried to fix her up with 20-year-old, a guy younger than her son.

She said she loves to dance and met her Jordanian husband when she went on a double date with her friend who was dating a Palestinian Christian. She said when she heard her date was a Muslim, her attitude was “Oh dear”. No wonder he later divorced her seeing her as white trash. As if a dancing loving rebel “convert to Islam” would be an ideal bride for a born Muslim Jordanian.

Jordanian immigrant marries self-hating loon “Ilisha” for an American passport

“Ilisha” married a Jordanian, of Palestinian (or so he claims) roots. She says he married her for an American passport. The signs were there, he berated her for her anti-Western stand. She converted to Islam for that purpose and he recognised it.

ilisha lenna marries jordanianI mean, didn’t she see it coming? She was so desperate and he recognised it. The western rebel embracing the West’s enemies. With her saviour complex she immediately set about bashing Israel with increased venom, having finally found some meaning to her desperate life. She claims she used to march with Jewish Voice for Peace even before she married. Ilisha denounced the West. She was  driven by the lust of her own sexual adventure. Yet when asked why she won’t move to a Muslim country since she hated the Western liberalism, she insisted, “I’m staying here!”. Marvel at the entitlement and hypocrisy of this sexually frustrated bundle of hate.

The immigrant Jordanian guy she married shrewdly calculated that he could use her antisemitic views and her desperation for a lay to his advantage to gain an American passport. He remained married to her till he got his passport then kicked her out. Her son uses her name rather than his father’s which means he threw them both out.

How Muslims view Western Rebellious Women.

What she does not realise is that Muslim men do not respect rebellious western women who leave their families. What is this contempt rooted in? The Prophet Mohammad’s own Sunnah:

The Quran Commentaries for 9.49 Al Tawba (Immunity) -

This is because when the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, was preparing for the Battle of Tabuk, he said to him: “O Abu Wahb, would you not like to have scores of Byzantine women and men as concubines and servants?” He said: “O Messenger of Allah, my people know that I am very fond of women and, if I see the women of the Byzantines, I fear I will not be able to hold back. So do not tempt me by them, and allow me not to join and, instead, I will assist you with my wealth”. The Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, turned away from him and said: “I allow you”, is a Muslim website, which propagates the Quran. It is not run by “Islamophobes”. It is an authentic Muslim source.

As per Prophet Mohammad’s example above white Christian western women were taken as sex slaves and cut off from their families. In the Quran tafsir above, the reluctant jihadi Abu Wahb, is being tempted into war against the Byzantines by Prophet Mohammad with the reward of white concubines who were the equivalent of the modern-day Western women. This practice has continued throughout the centuries in various guises, concubinage, rape, slavery.  Enslaving white women is not of course soley an Islamic phenomenon but the Quran immortalises Prophet Mohammad’s attitude towards the practice in Surah 9.49.  The Caliphs of Islam continued the practice and their followers too. Maybe “Ilisha” dreams of being a sex slave in a Muslim harem? Perhaps that is why she roots for a “Khilafah”?

Islam does not allow Muslim women to leave Islam.  How many white western converts to Islam complain that they are never fully accepted, just like Ilisha herself complained? Many. Many complain of discrimination or of being used as “secret wives” where the guys do the Islamic ceremony but the marriage is not registered so they have no rights. Recite Talaq three times verbally, and they are divorced!

A woman like “Ilisha” touting her pussy in rebellion of the West yet insisting on living there would be seen as trash and viewed with contempt, as Ilisha discovered. She thought her Jordanian immigrant husband loved her, but he was only using her for a passport. “Ilisha” claimed that his family did not accept her. She converted to Islam but doesn’t realise that she still won’t be accepted by Muslim families as a suitable wife but will be seen as a rebellious white woman. Such a woman will never be trusted.

The scenario is similar to the Jihadi brides who rebel and run away for sexual adventure to Iraq or Syria and then head back to the West they claim to despise. Ilisha’s Jordanian husband saw her as a pathetic self-hating creature she is, an easy woman to use for a passport. And to dump once she outlived her usefulness.  Her son uses her surname and not his father’s.

LoonWatch days

From 2011 to 2016 “Ilisha” contributed to LoonWatch a dubious anonymous radical left blog claiming to counter Islamophobia.

LoonWatch plagiarised the work of mainstream media and established Islamophobia activists like Bob Pitt whose blog “Islamophobia Watch” was itself under watch by “Islamophobia Watch Watch

Just as those on the extreme right-wing overtly exagerate the threat of Islamic extremism, terorism and fundamentalism those on the Left greatly exagerate the threat of “Islamophobia” and the threat of fascists and the BNP.

The poltics of fear can be used by the far Left in order to win votes too.

This blog aims to monitor the fear mongering “Islamophobia Nazi racists are everywhere” scaremongering of groups such as Islamophobia Watch, Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Workers Party.

Bob Pitt did not make money from his blog, he was a member of the British Socialist hard left and his motives for running the blog were political for he was affiliated with the hard left.

Ilisha Lenna LoonWatch

But the LoonWatch editors saw an opportunity to use his work as well as the work of others by simply copying and pasting it in order  to solicit funds from Muslim readers. LoonWatch supposedly had a few other anonymous contributors like “Garibaldi” and “Emperor” (likely all one person) but much of the website’s material was plagiarism and fake news of the radical left-wing variety. All of which helped when soliciting funds from its mainly hard left and Muslims readership.

Elsewhere on the blogosphere, there is much about the extremism and fake news LoonWatch churned out :

There are blogs online which counter the fake news put out by LoonWatch

LoonWatch Exposed

Rebuttals to the agenda driven reporting presented as ‘Islamophobia’ by Loon Watch

LoonWatch manufactured fake news about a Zionist Muslim Imam

Sheikh Palazzi: I Did Not Convert to Hinduism. Did Loon Watch Create Fake Facebook Page to Orchestrate Smear Campaign Against Zionist Muslim Sheikh?

Loon Watch Contributor Ilisha Promotes and Justifies the Hatred, Murder and Genocide of Middle-Eastern Christians.

More Anti Christian lies and History Revision

Ilisha of Loon Watch Spreads Myths and Propaganda About the Crusades, Part 1 Crusader Violence:


Ilisha of Loon Watch Spreads Myths and Propaganda About the Crusades, Part 2 Islamic Violence and Its Chroniclers


llisha Spreads Myths about Islamic Spain

Ilisha moderator LoonWatchLoonWatch also have a section called “What if they Were Muslim” which aimed to promote a victim narrative by attempting to show that hate crimes committed by non-Muslims are not given the same attention by the media than acts of terror by Muslims.

The Wikipedia page created by the LoonWatch editor was eventually deleted by Wikipedia for not being a legitimate source.


Antisemitism and anti-Israel propaganda

Ilisha/Lenna claimed that Israel has no right to exist. Keen to promote the fake media created by Hezbollah/Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian propaganda machine. There is no proof of the claim she makes in the tweet below, it is an Islamist fabrication about the boy supposedly murdered by Israel whilst he was reciting the Shahada.

Ilisha LoonWatch Hamas

She herself is occupying land (USA) which belongs to red Indians and her Scots-Irish ancestors came to squat on their land and occupy it without their permission. At the same time she is calling for Islamic colonialism in the form of a Caliphate.   What she expects of Israelis she does not expect of anyone. This shows she is jealous of Israel like all Islamists. It is evident if you read her anti-Christian tirades below, that she thinks wealth is a blessing and cannot fathom why Muslims are not leading the world. This dilemma perturbs Islamists because deep down it touches their fear that Islam is a false religion. They won’t say it out loud, but it manifests itself in longings for a Caliphate when plunder and slavery was the norm. This is why Israel irks Islamist. How could those cursed dhimmi Jews have the most successful country in the Middle East? Isn’t it bad enough that the dhimmi Christians lead the world with their superpowers, not the Jews too? Where did Islam go wrong? This is what bugs Islamists. Ilisha writes:

Islamic Propaganda in Action: Loon Watch Bemoans “Shocking” Attacks on Pro-Palestinian “Demonstrators” as They Riot in Paris and Attack Synagoges

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 19:25


Here is an example of propaganda that would make Josef Goebbels blush. On Sunday, thousands of Muslims rioted in Paris, attacked Jews on the streets and attacked a synagogue on Rue de la Roquette. In one instance, the attackers were confronted by Jews identified as the French Jewish Defense League and a street battle ensued in which chairs were thrown on each side.


Now comes the Islamic propaganda blog, Loon Watch, claiming that Pro-Palestinian “demonstrators” were violently attacked by the “Zionist, fascist” Jewish Defense League while “peacefully” protesting the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

Yes, indeed. Kind of reminds me of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, where fascist Jews attacked the peaceful Nazis.

Shocking, indeed.



It was eventually revealed that the editor of LoonWatch, someone called “Danios,” had set the site up to prey on dumb Muslims who were led to believe that he was authoring a book on Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer. You can read more about that here by Amal, one of the scammed readers: Exploiting Islamophobia. Danios of Loon Watch disappeared with $8000 after promising book rebutting Robert Spencer  LoonWatch is no longer updated but it remains online

After the editor “Danios” at LoonWatch ran off with funds from readers “Ilisha” took over as moderator and ran the site till about 2016 then she too skulked away and LoonWatch died out. On Social media and other blogs, “Ilisha” had also been using the pseudonym “Lenna.”

Spencer Watch is a blog devoted to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch which is no longer updated. It is owned by the Loon Watch team. Again, much of the material is plagiarised from others including Bob Pitt’s Islamophobia Watch:

Harry’s Place Contributor Says Rape Isn’t That Bad

Posted on January 18, 2013 by admin

The Neoconservative Zionist website Harry’s Place whose commenters we’ve engaged in the past is taken to task by Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch for hypocrisy, double standards and Islamophobia.

Sarah Brown, a regular commenter on articles here is also criticized.

Sarah Brown is the editor of “Harrys Place” a British political weblog seen by LoonWatch to be in league with “Zionists” and “Neo-cons” and “Islamophobes”.  A favourite pastime of LoonWatch writers was to manufacture smears against their enemies and competitors. Besides Harry’s Place and Jihad Watch, particular targets were Atlas Shrugs (run by Pamela Geller),  FrontPageMag, MEMRI, Wafa Sultan, Brigette Gabriel, Debbie Schlussul, Tarek Fateh, Zuhdi Jasser, Asra Nomani, Daniel Pipes, Sam Harris and many others.

Harry’s Place

“Ilisha” or “Lenna” (depending on which blog you met first met her)  also maintained private email correspondence with a number of bloggers and commenters. She sometimes discussed personal issues one of which was her ambition to move on and write at “Islamophobic” websites. She formed a friendship with Sarah Brown, a university professor and editor of the aforementioned British weblog Harry’s Place which is also known as Hurry Up Harry.

Sarah Brown said that she was seeking moderate Muslims to help combat Islamist extremism. She thought she had found an ally in “Ilisha” and they became acquainted.

sarah brown ilisha lenna LoonWatch

The irony is, LoonWatch was not Muslim led. It was run by hard left atheists keen on discrediting the American right wing and Zionism. “Ilisha” who was first a commenter, then a writer and then a moderator at LoonWatch had no real links to the Muslim community. She was a convert and by her own words even her husband’s family did not accept her. The Islam she claims that Muslims follow is an academic type, learnt from books onto which she projects her own anti-western poison.  Anyone, with an ounce of intelligence can discern why she converted to Islam, but it seems that Sarah Brown (a professor) could not.

“Ilisha”  saw it as a golden opportunity to further one of her goals and formed an alliance with Sarah Brown.  Although, Harry’s Place was a “neo-con” website “Ilisha” thought that Sarah Brown was within her orbit of influence and she hoped she would be given a platform to show what moderate Islam really was. She expressed hopes to meet Sarah Brown during a trip she was planning to Ireland and England.  She cosied up to Sarah and said she was going to meet her on her trip to the UK.

But that did not materialise. As she discussed on her blog I Can Haz Khilafah (now deleted) she was disappointed that she did not get to meet “The Professor” It could be that by then, Sarah Brown had become wise to the real “Ilisha” after the hypocrite had taken to trolling at Harry’s Place where the regulars chewed her up and spat her out. Unlike Sarah Brown, Harry’s Place readers saw through her façade straightaway and recognised her for the poisonous Islamist that she is.

ilisha lenna red haired rebel irish scots american“Ilisha” then became embittered. She claimed that Harry’s Place was a right-wing blog promoting “Islamophobia” and “Zionist propaganda” and that its writers were “thugs and goons” and she wanted to put them straight. Disillusioned and disappointed, “Lenna” mused that Sarah Brown had been lurking at LoonWatch to lure her to Harrys Place, but she only now understood that it was for the wrong reasons. She said it was so that Harry’s Place regulars would make mincemeat out of her and send her “scampering.”  She claimed that Sarah Brown had used her.

It seemed that Sarah Brown had in good faith thought she was helping Ilisha promote moderate Islam, something that “Ilisha” has no real interest in.  Even the idiotic David Livingstone (more on him below) came to realise that “Ilisha” was an Islamist, when he expressed disappointment that she didn’t speak out against Islamism and ISIS or Al Baghdadi (during his reign as Caliph of ISIS). David Livingstone dumped her.

Calibre of LoonWatch readers

I should add here something about the type of readership LoonWatch had.

Most of the commenters were left wing radical atheists and agnostics. Some were Muslims, and most of the Muslim commenters at LoonWatch were invariably Islamists, antisemitic conspiracy theorists like DrM and AJ a Pakistani American woman living in Saudi Arabia:

Loon Watch’s Ilisha Recommends American Saudi Blogger Who Claims Netanyahu and Obama Orchestrated T Attacks to Blame Islam.

Another clown was David Livingstone, known as “TheGreenMantle” @thegreenmantle on Disqus, a white British agnostic atheist who had shacked up with some Moroccan Muslim woman in France. He was also a beekeeper. He resented the 1% like Ilisha.  It was like watching a comedy unfurl; the Muslim commenters at LoonWatch never expressed support for and even scorned their relationship, yet he claimed to be championing Islam. David Livingstone claimed that Islamophobes that LoonWatch claimed to be exposing were motivated by money and rewards. He claimed Robert Spencer had sold out for 15 pieces of silver, which shows his ugly antisemitism. Robert Spencer’s fans are mainly Christians not Jews. Clearly, David Livingstone was projecting, for he was supporting LoonWatch because he was being rewarded sexually by a rogue Muslim woman. I say rogue, because Islam does not recognise the kind of relation he had with her, so how could he possibly be a friend of Muslims?  It was amusing to see the Muslim commenters reaction to his relation. They welcomed his support because he was an antisemitic agnostic who was vocal against the right wing and Israel but did not respect him.  When he butted into Islamic conversations they told him to mind his own business. Therefore David Livingstone was really only projecting his own shortcomings onto Israel and Robert Spencer when he claimed that Islamophobes only do spread anti Muslim hate for financial rewards. Since he was supporting Muslims for a reward too. If his Moroccan lay dumps him his interest and ‘support’ for Muslims will be gone.

David Livingstone was an outsider to them. Like Ilisha he too was a hard left, anti-Israel type loon glad to have found someone to fuck who happened to be Muslim for which he developed a Savior Complex. LoonWatch was full of these hard-left loony types who were either fucking Muslims or had a grudge against the Western civilisation, and he  and like “Ilisha”, glad to have found a lay, he too She claimed she was being stalked, but the truth is she encouraged these weirdo’s because she needed them to spread her propaganda.

Ilisha Lenna loonwatch converted islamWhen “Lenna” commented at enemy websites like Harry’s Place, she would often bring a side-kick with her. One such was “El Cid” @ButheShikan who now posts as @disqus_GUHild4QXA a Pakistani American guy, who like her has many online monikers such as “MotorCycle boy” and wears many hats including Hindu, Jewish, Muslim. At the Disqus Channels he had about 10 different identities not unlike “Lenna” herself. He would often team up with using a Hindu identity when she went to attack Israel at various forums. She also used “Floki” as a backer. When she didn’t need them, she would tell them to fuck off.

One of the most interesting things about LoonWatch is that although they claimed to be countering Islamophobia they deleted the comments of many Muslims who expressed opposing views to what they promoted. What this shows is that their concern was not really about Muslims and what they believed concerning Islamophobia. LoonWatch had their own version of Islam which they promoted and pretended that Muslims followed in order to discredit the supposed right-wing “loons” they were targeting.  The absurdity is further illustrated below by examining the real views of “Ilisha”. It is clear that “Ilisha” did not support the views promoted by LoonWatch. She claims that her views changed in 2015, but that is a lie. She said that to justify herself to her detractors. She had been running Islamist websites secretly while she was running LoonWatch.

Ilisha Blog

“Ilisha” also maintained a WordPress blog with restricted readership which she now keeps private: Ilisha Blog

And the Jews say Uzair is the son of Allah

I Can Haz Khilafah

Whilst she was writing for LoonWatch anonymously, “Ilisha” under the pseudonym “Lenna” was simultaneously promoting typical Islamist propaganda at her blog I Can Haz Khilafah

How Muslims Helped Save the Irish

“Lenna” did not renew this URL and the blog is currently hosted at

lenna I can haz khilafah

She agitated for a caliphate presenting a rosy image far removed from the reality of how slavery was the prime factor in the ‘glory’ of the specific caliphate she was talking about. It had nothing to do with Islam. Slavery has been the backbone of many an empire at its zenith including the British and American. What would the gilded age of America be without its slaves. But fucking stupid “Lenna”  lies and claims:

Why Muslims Need to Restore the Khilafah

When asked how Christians and other kafirs would fare in this caliphate, “Lenna”  claimed she was being harassed by Harrys Place thugs. Let that sink in for a moment! “Lenna” wants a caliphate but is unable to explain what the status of Christians and kafirs will be in this theocracy.

Delusions aside, the chances of Mecca and Medina being razed to the ground or nuked are higher than a successful caliphate ever arising. Didn’t she witness the ISIS debacle? Maybe she should have taken her pussy over there instead of sponging of kafirs in a secular republic like the US of A.

Ilisha Lenna I Can Haz KhilafahCowards and scum like her like to hide in the dark. Western outcasts who think they have become Muslim, yet they live in the West while calling for a caliphate in countries that will never accept them.

This is the state of the Muslim ‘ummah’ today. Rats, cowards, scums, western sluts whose pussy found a penis which happens to be Muslim and hey presto, “Lenna” tries to be more Muslim than the Muslims. Fucking slag! The threat of exposure was enough to send this rat scurrying away to close I Can Haz Khilafah.

Born Muslims and most normal Muslims do not support a Caliphate because it is not an Islamic requirement. The Quran speaks of Kings, and rulers, not of a ‘Caliph’. That was a later construct by power hungry men, who like Christian rulers used religion to create a ‘divine right’ to rule. Lenna is simply using Islam to satisfy her inferiority complex.  Here is one rebuttal to “Lenna”  by a well know Muslim (born) blogger called Mr Tickle:

Reply to LenCat: No Free Pass- doesn’t work that way.

Reply to


Firstly, I am not associated with Harry’s Place. I don’t blog for them and I rarely read their posts so most of the accusations that appear to be directed towards me including the ad hominems are entirely misplaced with absolutely no merit, and are more reflective on LenCat’s state of mind than any semblance of reality. My opinions represent no one other than myself, and I love all my brothers and sisters, even the ones who I consider misguided.


Secondly, there is no coherence in the idea of a democracy punishing people simply for thinking unethical thoughts, or for talking about those thoughts to others. This is a straw-man. However, in a democracy, when such views are expressed in public that does not mean a ‘free pass’ as civic engagement is the most basic principle of a democracy.

LenCat supports the idea of a Khalifah. She openly states that “I support a Khilafah in Muslim lands” but at the same time, she also claims her idea of a Khalifah is “not relevant to UK, except as a thought crime.” This is false. She’s welcome to hold whatever views she wishes to hold but when such views are actively disseminated by her and other dedicated individuals feeding into young impressionable Muslims in the UK and beyond, they are not only relevant but they are also pernicious.


This is because hundreds of individuals who also “dream of restoring the Khalifah” went onto join ISIS- a nascent self-declared Khalifah trying to establish itself in Muslim lands. Yes, there are many paths to radicalisation, not one as some would have us believe, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if such views had been robustly challenged then perhaps hundreds of British Muslim mothers would still be with their sons and daughters today instead of the wretched lives they now have to live with. Eitherway, for an individual to argue this is not relevant to the UK, and to try and obfuscate issues by claiming “thought-crime” victimhood, is deeply disingenuous.


Thirdly, she claims she’s being asked to defend an assertion she has not made. This is again false. She favours the ‘Khalifah’ so this falls under the most basic rule of theological argumentation: “hatu burhanakum in kuntum sadiqeen” – produce your proof, if you should be truthful (Q27.64). This is why I have asked several times what the Quran says on governance. The fact I have not received an answer to a simple question despite a whole blog full of intellectual somersaults, shows who is not being truthful.

Finally, ‘Khalifah’. In Classical Islamic theology, ‘Khalifah’ never implied the imposition of a Caliphate or a structure of political authority, and the Quran itself says nothing on governance beyond vague and subjective references. Imam Malik REFUSED to make his theological school the “official” school of the Caliphate. This carries the implication that the state should NOT claim divine authority but rather there should be a separation of powers held  to account by universal standards which are common to the Islamic tradition.


What LenCat and her ilk are peddling is not religion qua religion i.e. Islam. It is a post-Muhammad (pbuh) man-made political construct based on a resurrection of an Imperial Islam where the tyranny of the fallible is made EVEN MORE acute, as disillusioned Jihadis returning back to the UK have discovered for themselves.


To oppose this is not ‘Islamophobic’. In fact, it’s the very opposite as Maajid Nawaz also discovered much to his horror when British Muslims, yes BRITISH MUSLIMS including their imam literally chased him and his Caliphate out of town in his Hizb ut Tahrir days-something he doesn’t like to mention in the divisive-narrative he peddles.

It is worth bearing in mind that “Lenna” was not born Muslim. She converted to Islam and then went on the prowl for Muslim men. Recall that converts to islam are disproportionately represented in terror attacks, Jihadi bride adventures and extremism. Most of them are cut off from the mainstream Muslim community. It was evident at LoonWatch that although the writers claimed to be defending Muslims they had no idea about Islam or how Muslims live. At her own blogs, “Lenna” proves that she has no connection to the Muslim community except dreams and fabricated fantasies.


Disqus Channels.

Under the Disqus ID “@Lenncat” she was a heavy contributor especially to Islamic and anti-Israel Channels. “Lenna” also used to moderate some Islam Channels until  Disqus Channels closed in 2019.

She also had a Twitter handle by the same name, as well as @ilishaloon previously. Here is @ilishaloon on Twitter apologising for ISIS. ISIS was funded by Sunni’s in Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, and many others, but this Islamist, self hating bitch can only blame the USA

Ilisha Lenna Isis extremism


World Community

After Disqus closed their Channels in 2019 “Lenna” announced that she was helping set up a new website called “World Community” at

She insisted it was not her website but belonged to “Johnny” a fellow contributor to the Disqus Channels. This “Johnny” had a blog on Disqus blogs before they closed. World Community was launched in 2019.  Her son by the Jordanian passport hunter she married and who uses his mother’s surname helped set up her 2019 website “World Community” a platform set up to propagate anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda amongst other things.

“Lenna” claims she harassed Robert spencer for not debating “Danios”

World Community stayed up for some months but is no longer online.  An example of the kind of material she hosted…here in a thread lauding President Trump, “Lenna” moans about how she harassed Robert Spencer for not debating “Danios” the editor of LoonWatch

It doesn’t cross her entitled mind that Robert Spencer may not want to debate an anonymous blogger like “Danios” the editor of LoonWatch.

Antisemitic “Lenna” Visited Israel in 2018/9

Towards the end of 2018 as “Lenna” became increasingly unhinged and started to embrace white supremacism as she was attracted to their stance on Jews. She also said she was tired of ‘aggrieved minorities’ clamouring for their rights and it is about time white people did so too.

For sure she doesn’t care about Islam or Muslims because she divides Muslims between those that support her agenda (bringing down Israel and installing a caliphate) and normal Muslims. She was particularly virulent towards the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia and those Muslims friendly with Israel. She claims to be anti-Israel, but in reality she is jealous and envious of Israel like all Islamists. She covets what Israel has. She claims Israel has a “glossy image” which is undeserved.

Yet in 2019, she claimed she went to Israel through Jordan. Remember, one of her ex-husbands is a Jordanian. The state of Israel could not have been aware of her secret life as a propagator of antisemitic propaganda online.


ilisha lenna visits the Zionist Jewish stateClearly, the Israeli Embassy was not aware of her true colours. “Lenna” is an accomplished liar and sly enough to delete her accounts online and re-appear with new ones. Disqus @ilishaloon is deleted and @lenncat is up but has all her comments deleted. She also deletes her Twitter identities every so often, so as not to leave permanent traces of her obnoxious views.  But the internet has a long memory, as “Lenna” will soon discover.

 Ilisha/Lenna and her real-life identity

In due course, I will be revealing more about “Lenna” including her real-life identity.

In the meantime, if you want to share anything or if you want to get in touch, do please hit the “contact” page.

3 thoughts on “Ilisha AKA Lenna of LoonWatch, I Can Haz Khilafah and World Community

  1. Loon Watch was apparently run by Dr Javed Hashmi a scholar at Harvard University.

    Dr Hashmi claims that he was ‘Danios’ the main writer at Loon Watch and presumably, Ilisha’s boss.

    The standards of Harvard are pretty low if they have Islamist apologists as ‘scholars’.


  2. Javed made the claim that he was Danios of Loon Watch after a debate with Robert Spencer.

    It seems like Dr Hasmi has an unhealthy obsession with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch


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